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Photograph of a man

Hi I’m Reece, born and bred in the North East of England.  My love of photography started as a child and carried on through my teenage years and into adulthood.  My style has changed a huge amount over the years and my biggest passion is capturing memories through my lens   


 Every Image I take has a unique story to tell and I love that the viewer will interpret it in their own way.  To me that is the excitement, transferring my clients memories and visions into a moment captured in time forever, 


 My photography started with Landscapes, Nature and Wildlife, capturing images around my home in Newcastle as well as all around the country and across the world in the many countries I have been lucky enough to visit.  Some of my personal favourite places to photograph are the Scottish Highlands, The Souks in Marrakech and the beautiful Vineyards of Tuscany.   


Turning my passion into a career was an easy decision for me, I genuinely love what I do and capturing special memories through my lens just comes so natural to me. 


With Portraits, Family shoots and weddings my aim is to capture your beautiful moments in time, leaving you with timeless, emotive and long lasting memories.  Getting in front of the camera doesn't come naturally to everyone, I am certainly far more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, so I understand how hard it can be.  I aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible, help you relax and ultimately enjoy your experience

When I am not out with my camera I spend time with my Wife and Stepson, and our Cat Ollie!  We love to travel, go Fishing, go to the theatre or just generally relax.  My Wife and I met through a shared love of Photography so you may sometimes find her out on shoots with me assisting and organising, she is the silent partner, my 2nd Shooter and my biggest supporter!! 


If you would like to find out more about the services I offer just click here or drop me a message here. 

Check out my Gallery where you can view all of my shots and purchase prints via my Darkroom site here.

If you would like to commission me for a shoot of any kind please contact me here.

Photograph of a couple

Some snapshots from our Adventures 

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